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Jeffrey Dallas is a character in Julian Smith's videos who first appeared in the video Jellyfish. Played by Smith himself, Jeffrey is mentioned to be Julian's cousin within the mythology of the videos. At one point he got his own channel, but then returned to Julian's just after the second season of Kidnapped ended.

Who is Jeffrey?

Jeffrey looks somewhat like Julian, but wears glasses, has messy hair, and always looks a little out of it. He speaks in a funny voice and performs many songs, though he is a horrible singer. Though many people in the videos wonder whether his weird appearance and mannerisms are due to him being retarded, Jeffrey has stated more than once that it was due to him eating a jellyfish. On the home page of Jeffrey's short-lived solo channel, Jeffrey attributes his fame to this jellyfish accident for some reason. He likes to wear red footsie pajamas.


When seen in Jellyfish, Jeffrey sings a song about how he likes to put jelly on fish and eat it in a sandwich, but you'll die if you eat a real Jellyfish. Jellyfish shirts are now available.


Guest starring Rhett&Link, this video is important in Dallas' history because nobody thought Jeffrey would be in anything else, so people were happy to see him again. In it, Jeffrey selfishly refuses to give any of his twelve waffles to Rhett and Link, no matter how they appeal to him. Later, it's revealed that the following scenario was all a proposed commercial for the Willy Waffle Company as shown by Julian and Jeffrey. A company executive (Played by fellow Youtube personality KassemG) admits to liking the video, though talks about the possibility of replacing Jeffrey, enquiring, "Is he retarded?" They deny the fact, stating that Jeffrey just ate a jellyfish, referencing back to Jellyfish. The video ends with one of Jeffrey's trademark lines: "This commercial is gonna make me famous!"

Red Eye Flashes Twice

Jeffrey's second music video, "Red Eye Flashes Twice" involves Jeffrey singing a song about standing still while taking pictures.

Bill and Bryce

Bill and Bryce are Jeffrey's two Action Figure "Buddies". They appear in Red Eye Flashes twice, Jeffrey's Bored and Akbar.

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